Car Month – Bonneville — Pebble Beach—P-Town

Pebble Beach, Car Week, Avenue of Cars, Racing at Mazda Raceway, a multitude of auto auctions combined with the Concours d’elegance on the famous 18th fairway make up one of the greatest automotive events in the world. I have attended many times over the years both while working and for pleasure. This is where the creme d’ la creme come to show you what they have. A few years ago they added a Hot Rod class and that really kept me coming back. The venue attracts enthusiasts from all over the world and rightly so. The setting at Pebble Beach and Ocean Avenue in Carmel-by-the-Sea are two of the best on the West Coast. The Quail is also a nice venue for displaying classic cars.

As you can imagine, the prices of rooms are extravagant and everything in general is priced much higher during this week. Rooms are normally sold out far in advance and that even goes for places not located on the peninsula. The enthusiasts don’t seem to mind the expense as every year attendance grows. Jane and I plan to spend a day in Monterey on our way to San Francisco to visit with our children. If you have never been to this event, please put it on your “bucket list” as you won’t be disappointed.

The weeks following also include Andy’s Last Picnic and Goodguy’s P-Town Nationals which is always a super event. We will be coming home prior to these events but have always attended them in the past. August is a busy month for car events in California. Bonneville is also going on right now and many will be returning to P-Town with salt on their cars just to prove they were there. The summer is coming to an end and has been great for us that live on the West Coast. We have so many automotive events being held for our pleasure. You can literally attend an event every weekend. I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer with your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!



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Available at the SO-CAL Phoenix store was this cherry 40 ragtop. Asking price was $35K which seems high since it needs a full restoration.

This classic 34 roadster is one of my favorites around SO-CAL. Pure Hot Rod!

Pebble Beach — the famous 18th hole.

The famous Hirohata Mercury won best Mercury last year.

Shelby’s were also very popular at Pebble Beach.

Don did an outstanding job of restoring the famous LLoyd Balkan deuce.

Kirk White has owned some of the best roadsters also and displayed at Pebble Beach.

My friend Tom holds the record in his Deuce roadster.

Tom and Justine have been racing for many years at Bonneville.

There are always lots of Hot Rods at Bonneville taking in the racing.

Bob-O didn’t go this year but has driven his coupe several times to Bonneville.

An impressive line up of Hot Rods at Bonneville.

This is how Don gets around the pits.

A regular at Bonneville are the Rolling Bones and their fleet of Hot Rods.

A rare 35 Tub was sitting nicely in the grass for all to view.

A show stopping 29 hiboy with a Sid’s interior was one of my favorites at P-Town.

The 36 delivery is also a rare piece and highly desirable.

You will see the best of the best at P-Town like this Lil’ John 29 roadster.

Of course Roy brings out some of his finest like this AMBR 33 he built for James.

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