California Kid – Lake Piru

Our group joined the Ventura V8 Ford Club for a nice journey to Piru and the beautiful Lake Piru reservoir. The group was made up of 10 cars and 20 people. Scotty organized the trip and a good time was had by all. We traveled the back roads winding through the agriculture areas of the small towns and ended up in the mountains of Piru.

Of interest in the quaint town of Piru, is this is where the California Kid movie was filmed in September of 1974. Martin Sheen was the star who drove Pete Chapouris’s now famous 34 coupe around the mountains and stopped at the garage in Piru. Several of us had photos taken of our cars while locals recalled the movie filming more than 45 years ago.

Scotty had arranged a nice lunch atBrenda’s Casamias Mexican restaurant who went out of their way to accommodate such a large group in a small place. The service and food were excellent. After lunch, we headed up the mountain to the beautiful Lake Piru for some breathtaking views and photo opportunities. Jane and I had never been to this place in our 30 years in California.

We headed down the mountain to a Baskin & Robbins for some Ice Cream and socializing before heading home. The day was perfect, the journey was invigorating and the destination was beautiful. Thanks to the Ventura V8 Club for inviting us.

Stay Tooned!


Scotty was the tour organizer and leader of our group. He owns this perfect 1953 Country Squire wagon.
Gordon was talking to Jane as we awaited for the rest of the group to show. We had our own Deuce Show.

When it comes to touring the 40 is a popular car for most folks.

Gordon was bringing up the rear and captured some road scenery along the way.

You can’t see Dave with his top up but you can hear him when he passes you.
Lunch stop at Casamia’s in Piru before heading up to the Lake.
1974 Movie
Dave parked his car in front of the Kid’s garage for a great shot!
Jane and I also opted for a photo.
Gordon caught a shot of his 40 in front of the Kid’s Garage!
Dave High also joined in to make it complete .
The reservoir was full and last year it was empty.
Scotty got permission for us to park out cars and take some photos.
The lake is very large and deep. Boasts are allowed.

The water was really high due to all the rain we received this year.
Gordon drove his nice 40 sedan to the Lake and thanks to a new radiator and fan it ran cool.
Last stop was for Ice Cream which is mandatory for our group.
Jane and I adjusted our seat belts and headed for home after a wonderful day on the Back Roads with friends. 
Life is good!

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