California Dreaming – Again

I am the proverbial California dreamer, but today the Roadster Boy’s and I had a wonderful day doing the back roads to Summerland (Santa Barbara) with “Back Roads Bob” as our leader. We had 10 cars, six roadsters and 4 sedans that burnt up the roads on our 2 hour trip. You could not dream up a trip this good. We hit road blocks, pot holes and rough roads without incident. We also traveled through the mega-rich area of Carpinteria and saw some magnificent mansions. Old Fords and winding roads don’t go together but they did today. All of us were tired by the time we arrived at our destination and needed a long lunch hour to recover.

Bob had made reservations for the group and we soon were seated and served a delightful lunch. The venue is perfect for sitting outdoors and viewing our cars and the ocean. We enjoyed the camaraderie  and soon decided to head for some delicious ice cream on the Santa Barbara Pier. The drive along the beaches to the Pier was crowded with cars and people. We were the attraction of the day as people flagged us down to take some video’s and photos of our cars. This action always brings smiles to our Roadster Boy’s and they accommodate the request to stop for the camera action.  The Pier has some speed bumps which are not friendly to lowered cars but they are rubber so not much damage was done to anyone’s front suspension or sheet metal. Pepe didn’t hit at all which surprised me. Parking was problem, but we all finally managed to find a safe spot and head for the ice cream parlor. Keep in mind this is Santa Barbara where prices are relative to your enjoyment of the venue. After the ice cream desert, we did some shopping and then headed back down the coast on one of California’s perfect days. Dave and I took the coast and enjoyed the scenic drive with minimal traffic. Some days are just made for “California Dreaming” and today was one of them.  Nice people, great cars and a wonderful time was had by all who made the trip…..Remember August 12 is the Malibu trip leaving from the Westlake Hyatt at 9:30 am.

Having a hot rod that just sits in your garage is like having a dog that never goes outside. Both need activity to be healthy so take your dog with you when you drive your hot rod to the store.

Enjoy life while you can.

Stay Tooned!



Early morning at Bob’s to check on his many projects prior to leaving for the trip to Summerland.

Roadster at Summerland 005

Frank was in Dave’s rear view mirror most of the trip.


I love following Miran as he has a heavy right foot.


Lunch was great and we took our time after the long winding road trip. The waitress loves old guys and their separate check routine. We took good care of her for her wonderful service.


Bob and Casey on the Pier wanting to do some wine tasting after the ice cream. The Pacific was crystal clear today.

Roadster at Summerland 017

Dave and I headed home and the cars performed flawlessly the whole trip. I appreciate the Roadster Boy’s letting me tag along. I will have a roadster again someday — maybe.


When you can enjoy the day looking at this with a cold one in your hand why would you want to worry?


My two favorite sedan years shown about ready for the trip. I know Gary loves the 34 and Frank prefers the Deuce but I would take either one as they are both winners in my book.


Now in Japan, this 34 was built in Napa, CA and exported to a happy customer. Equipped with a Flatty, Winters QC and 5-speed combined with a bad boy look is what made it sell.


I still love the 34 roadster with the DuVall windshield. Tops are difficult to get right but I sure do like the speedster look.

Today’s Barn Find

Dad' Pictures 164

Hidden away for many years and never for sale is what these type of cars usually represent. Persistence rewarded the new owner with the car. I know of a 40 convertible and woody in the same condition that are never going to be completed. They will rust away.

Dad' Pictures 258

A happy day for the new owner when he rents the trailer and hauls his treasure away to a new resting place.

Dad' Pictures 257

A dream is free and someday you may find one like this that comes your way. “California Dreaming” is a way of life for most of us in this wonderful state.

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