California Dreaming

We had a wonderful time at the Northstar Resort in Lake Tahoe. We were blessed with fresh snow everyday and bearable weather at the top of the mountain. I am happy to be home again to seventy degree weather and T-shirts and shorts. Yes, California offers both climates at the same time if you are willing to drive a little.

Driving is the subject of today’s blog. The Back Road Boys are ready to do some driving in their Hot Rods to various points in are area. First up will be the journey to the beautiful city of Ojai in the mountains. Our group has diminished due to deaths and relocations but we still have a good turnout of people who love to drive their Hot Rods.

All the cars shown are drivers. We love to drive our cars and keep them nice but they are not show cars or trailer queens….just saying.

Stay Tooned!


From Lake Tahoe …
To Simi Valley in 8 hours!!
One of my favorite CMG sedans.
A CMG convert would be first on my list.
Walt’s new woody is taking shape. The color is perfect and utilizes the stock 46 trim.
A close app show the nice wheel tire selection and new raised floor.
Hard to beat a chopped hiboy sedan!
Ken just finished this beauty for a customer. Looks like stock Winterleaf Brown.

The 3/4 rear shows the beauty of the three window.

I like this one except for the IFS.

Scott found this low mileage 33 and purchased it.

She belongs in my garage .
Another little CMG standard.coupe.
Heavy rake…maybe too much.
Friday’s Frame …P&J ‘s version of a model 40.

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