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The Brizio family has been part of the Hot Rod community for as long as I can remember and I’m going on 77 years old. Andy, Roy, Sue, Kim and Terri have all been involved in the many events I have attended over the years. And while in the Bay Area last week, I was blessed with lots of talk about Andy Brizio’s Final Picnic. I have been attended his Picnic’s for several years along with his Deuce Day show. I lived in the Bay Area for several years and became friends with lots of Hot Rodder’s who worship the Brizio Family and their events. Besides the aforementioned two events, I always attended Roy’s Shop Party on Mother’s Day weekend. Andy and Sue also have their annual Christmas Party which attracts large crowds. Their contribution to our hobby has been unequalled as for dedication to “Keeping the Flame Burning!” Thank you for your efforts.

In my early days of building Deuces, I would often see Andy at the NSRA events and he would always say hello and stop and talk to you. I used to order parts from him and he would always comment “No Problem” — which there never was. I also was a stocking dealer for his T-shirt business in my dealership. I met Roy during my GMC dealer days when we built trucks out of our Oakland Truck Center. Recently, I worked with him on some promotions and the 40 is 75 display at the GNRS. The family has always been a pleasure to do business with and are very nice, friendly and honest people. I look forward to the Brizio events and name being carried on for many years to come. Final is not something anyone of us want to hear. Long live the Brizio name in the Hot Rod Community.

Stay Tooned!



Andy is always smiling and saying hello to the fans of this Hot Rod legend!

Father and son, Roy and Andy have made their mark in our great hobby.

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This is where you see Andy and Sue the most — on the road enjoying life in a roadster.

An aerial shot of the 2013 Andy’s Picnic. The attendance was estimated at 600 this year with the Deuce making up the biggest number of entrants.

2017 Andy’s Picnic

Here are a few photos from Andy’s Final Picnic. Thanks to Gary Monnich.

Famous twosome have made all of the Picnics.

Deuce hiboy roadsters dominated the entries of cars.

Crowds were everywhere throughout the weekend.

Roy’s Shop Party also drew some huge crowds. Roy is addressing the roadster owners in his famous back lot.

Here is the early line up of roadsters in the back lot. Most of them built by Roy and his team of craftsman. He has built over 300 Hot Rods.

Roy still owns all of his roadsters and drives them to Canada without any problems.

Roy and his family host a free lunch at the shop party.

George was nice enough to pick me up at my daughter’s beach house  and drive me to Roy’s Shop Party.

We arrived early to have a spot in the front line of Roy’s shop.

George has some very nice Deuces in his collection.

Roy has a very well stocked showroom.

Roy restored Tex Smith’s old tub and it is an outstanding piece of history now owned by Mel.

Roy always seems to have at least 25 Hot Rods under construction with most of them being Deuces.

Roy is super organized with clip boards which he updates daily for the work being done. Keeping track of hours and parts usage on each build is critical to accurate billing to the customer.

Roy is famous for his Deuce chassis construction which has proven itself over the years.

Customers have their final assembly on the checker board assembly area of the shop.

Sid is the exclusive upholster guru for Roy’s builds and he is rated as one of the best in design and quality workmanship.

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