Bonneville is Back Again

As many of you salt flat racing fans know, the Bonneville Salt Flats have been in such bad condition that the SCTA racing event has been dormant for two years. This year the SCTA is holding the event after a good salt report for both the long and short course. Many people are heading in that direction and others are already there. I have visited the Bonneville Salt Flats but never during the racing events. It is on my bucket list for the future. My friend Bob-O wants to go one more time and I hope to go with him. I have friends who are racing and hold class records. They are die hard Bonneville race fans and are looking forward to the adventure in Utah. I wish them all the luck and safety needed to run at those over 200 mile per hour speeds.

I pray for good weather for the racing and for some new records to be set. Speed is King in Bonneville!


Stay Tooned!


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Bringing them up right and getting ready for Speed Week.


The RB are on their way and make some scheduled stops along the way as they normally do.


Approaching the famed Bonneville Speedway


Chick is everywhere so he decided he should make a stop at the Salt Flats.


Having a photo like this in your portfolio is priceless. Leaving a little salt for the P-Town show is mandatory.

bonneville rookie 029-1

Don likes to ride around the pits in a classy ride.


Photo opportunities are abundant so start some strategic parking for the best photos.


The RB delivery was on hand in 2012 and made a nice push vehicle.


The Hotel parking lot is full of bench racing and some adult beverages.


Hammered Deuce sedans have always been popular but seem to gaining in popularity.


Dennis drove his RB sedan to the event.


The real deal race prepared salt cars are some of the best built at Bonneville.


Parking on the salt is for everyone to share in the clean up afterwards.


Long lines and lots of people make it exciting.


My friend Bob-O is a annual visitor to Bonneville. His coupe is always spotless, even on the salt.


Tasty 33 roadster was looking good on the salt.


Yes, even 4-doors make to Bonneville.


Tom and Justin hold the record in their 333 Deuce roadster maintained by Tom and driven by Justin.


Lots of assistance is required prior to heading down the long course at 200 mph +.


Gary was helping Tom many years ago while racing at Bonneville.

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