Black Tuesday

This time of year most retailers talk of “Black Friday” which is the day they hope their business will start being in the black for the holiday season. We started a little early at Toppers Pizza today. Three of us drove our black Forties to our weekly lunch. Each Tuesday for the last 10 years or so we meet for our weekly dose of pizza and car talk. The weather is a little cool so closed cars are the norm for the rest of the year. Even Dave, who is a true roadster dude, drove his 40 convert. We discussed visiting Jay Leno’s Garage next week as we haven’t been in several years. Jay doesn’t have many hot rods but we all appreciate what he does collect, plus his massive workshop is worth the visit. I will let you know if we are granted a tour.

We all love black cars but keeping them clean takes lots of effort especially on a delivery. It seems wax scratches, swirls and a host of other problems are always present on black cars. I have tried several different quick shines, polishes and waxes all of which still require attention after a few weeks. I can have Pepe looking good at noon and he becomes very dusty by the evening hours. I guess that is the price you pay for painting a car black. CMG sounds better all the time. I wonder how the Folkstone Gray color holds up if you drive them as we do? If I ever have another 40 I would like to try either color for something a little different. In the meantime, I will continue to get good exercise polishing and shining my black paint.

I hope that all of my readers in Pekin and Washington, IL are safe and sound. My prayers go out to all of you and your families.

Stay Tooned!


Black Tuesday at Toppers Pizza. We need a black coupe in our gang and maybe a woody. It is hard to beat a 40 Ford no matter what model it is.

Yes, the Hot Rod scene is alive and well in Stockton, CA. Mike sent in photos of some of his cars and others in his shop. The 40 is a true “Barn Find”.

The roadster made it to Victoria and back without any problems. Great photo!

Deuces are his favorite as shown by this beautiful 5-window. It must be difficult deciding which one to drive. We should all have this problem. He could have joined us today for “Black Tuesday”.

Next up in the shop is this Ardun powered Deuce sedan with lots of racing touches. Looks like a new skin on the door… maybe a QC out back and a Moon tank for the go juice.

I don’t often feature Chevrolet’s but this one brings back memories of my High School days. Mild custom and plenty cool. Frantic would love this one.

I am not loafing all day as this photo shows. The wagon rear axle had been under a race car and had huge ladder bars welded to the housing. Lots of grinding to remove. This is my “Old School” build style.

Here is what it looks like after several hours of cutting and grinding. The ladder bar brackets will be installed when I find something to put the axle in. They fit perfect in a 34 chassis…57 1/4″.

We talked about early style builds today and I looked up some that Roy is doing. Note the X-member has been straightened to accommodate a 40 style spring. The 36 bones work on a 40 axle by welding on new tabs.

If you want to use the stock perches then you will need to narrow the housing for the Deuce. This one has been converted to pull out axles by the HRW.

The T-5 is fast replacing the 39 box and this shows how easy it is to do. The rear X is a good idea as is the hydraulic clutch. Cornhuskers has been doing this one for many years. Those pedals will set you back about $300 or more. Ouch!

Early style but brand new 40 style column works for me. Limeworks has them in stock as well as the column drops.

Today’s Four Door Patina Hot Rod!

If anyone is looking for a very nice 4-door body, the Kennedy Boys have a mint one (not this one) for sale at a great price. Shiny black paint could be left as is…just add your chassis. I am tempted but it has too many doors.

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