Black Monday

Black cars have always been my favorite since the days of Dupont’s 99 lacquer and the shine it would bring to any old car when applied in multiple coats. I use to spray it in my garage without a mask and soon discovered why painters are always on the “high” side when talking to them. Paint improvements in the color black over the years still lack the shine of that old lacquer. I have seen some really great black paint experts like Bobby Alloway. He seems to have the knowledge to flow on an expert finish in black. His GNRS winner this year was a good example. Black cars will continue to be popular as witnessed at this year’s GNRS. Black was the predominant color on the contenders. I am sure many of you share the love of black cars and they beauty they display when standing tall. Love live the color Black.

I just returned home form the Mid-Winter Rod Run and while the weather was not the greatest the event was well planned and turned out to be a lot of fun for those of us who braved the weather. We visited some neat places and saw some great collections of cars. I was able to purchase some new wiper blades to help with the rain so my day was complete. I would like to thank the members of the Early Times for planning another great event. I look forward to next years event which will be the 45th.

Have a great week.

Stay Tooned!




I spent the afternoon cleaning and shining Pepe for the Early Times run. The sun finally came out and so did the black paint after using Surf City Black Magic detailer. I also increased the tire pressure to improve the ride a little.


Black is a popular color on forties and everyone has their secret for keeping them shining. I don’t have any secret except keep after it and don’t use a duster if you want to keep the scratches out of the paint. I use detailer too much but I have used a clay bar to clean up the paint prior to putting on a good polish like 3M’s hand glaze. Nice coupe from FB.


Another classic 34 with super black paint. They take lots of car, but to me, they look the best in black.


Cory has the blackest of black Hollenbeck paint on his roadster. Great photo Cory but what is the white stuff. Your car makes me want a Deuce rather than a model 40.


The Forty convert looks good in black especially when combined with the black Hartz top.


Dan loves black also and painted his Deuce truck the blackest of black paint — PPG 9300. Note the Winter Front which he reproduces.

10 Speed33 offen

The Speed 33 looks good in black as shown here with the black wire wheels and blackball tires.


Roy paints a lot of his builds in basic black like this stunning 33 phaeton of Bruce’s.


Custom Auto like the black Deuce tudors and have built a few. Rex can make the bodies ready for black paint.

Out Again 003

If you see this one in the hotel parking lot, you are going over and have a closer look.


Jim likes his black woody as the contrast against the varnished wood really stands out.

Monday’s Black Beauties


Bob-O loves the 39 convertible sedans like this black beauty. His favorite color is black also.


Mike had his turn with this black 34 roadster with the 37 truck grille.

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