Black Friday

I am working with a new computer format and uploading my photos is not working well tonight. I will limit this post to as many photos as I can upload. My brain is stuck in low gear and it needs to shift into overdrive. I hope to have all problems solved by next week. Enjoy this perfect weather we are having in Southern California.

Stay Tooned!



I know Bob-O will fall in love with this 39 Tub. His would be chopped but I prefer this look on the tubs.


Now this is a pair of fine Deuces hitting the road for some serious fun.


I am really starting to like these guys. Steve is building a beauty which you will see at the GNRS in January.


How about this bad boy with the severely lowered lid?


I like the chopped 5 windows with the all black look. Painted grilles make them affordable.


The fenders should tell you that this beauty is from across the pond. The 33 grill and hood (34 latches) look great on hiboys.


A new member of my model 40 group sent along his current ride. Very classy and has the Ohio Look with a Perfect stance.


Here is another winner from JHRS in AL. Jon Wright is the owner.


Ryan and John were out cruising in their pavement scrapping rides. They learned the trick from Fat Jack.

Friday’s Feature


I sure miss my roadster but I can still see it often on the streets of LA. Terry and Ray did a great job of finishing my dream. Thanks guys!

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