Black Friday Fords

I have always been a fan of Black Hot Rods. Black is the hardest of the colors to keep clean, to hide imperfections and to find the deepest black. For years, I sprayed 99L in my garage and was very pleased with the results and ease of touching up mistakes. Fast forward to today’s paints with BCCC being the standard in CA. Concept DCC 9300 was all I used until. To my knowledge that paint is no longer available and we now have to use BCCC 93000 to obtain a nice black color on our Hot Rods. Pepe is painted with that color and I am going to shoot the back door finally if the weather warms up. The paint runs about $700 per gallon so I don’t want to make any mistakes. Bobby Alloway has always held a place in my heart of a painter who could make Black paint Blacker than anyone else I compared him to. He was the master and still has the touch for Black Hot Rods.

Over the years, Red became the new Black in the 80’s with Dana Red and Boyd Red taking the lead. Magoo used Porshe Guards Red and also started a trend for Red Hot Rods. After a series of various colors in the past 5 years, basic Black has come back strong on Hot Rods built in the traditional style. The problem in California is finding the paint and the cost. It takes approximately 2 gallons to paint you average hiboy and another 1/2 gallon for fendered cars which quickly adds up for materials when at the paint store. The correct clear is important, so don’t skimp in this area. Painters usually want $2500 to purchase materials and usually have some left over. Make sure you get the left overs for touch up work. A black car will attract lots of attention if done right on a straight body or cause lots of negative comments on a wavy body. A slight skim coat of bondo will make it straight. Done right Black Hot Rods are my favorite.

I am featuring Black cars only in today’s blog.

“Black Cars Matter”

Stay Tooned!


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The black 40 sedan delivery really stands out with its straight panels.

Of course, the Black Deuce Society advocates Black. I will add the polished wheels go well with black.

Terry followed through with my plans for a Black Lucy!

The Black Deuce is always a popular among Deuce lovers.

A rare 33 sedan delivery looks good in Black.

The 33 three window really looks good with the orange wheels.

Jeff added a little cream to his Moal creation and really set off this beautiful roadster.


Love Fat Girls in Black!

The Woodie was made for Black paint to contrast with the wood.

Everyone loves the Black 40 coupes.

Black with Apple Green wire was the rage in the 70’s.

A current favorite of mine done in basic Black with a Duvall.

Back to you Black 34 roadster with Orange wheels.

A Black Woodie and Roadster looked good paired together at the Outriders Picnic.

The Black chopped sedan was sinister looking at the Outrider’s Picnic.

A Black Deuce sedan is always a good choice for most folks.

Jim choose Black for his award winning Phaeton.

One of my favorite hiboys is Micheal’s Black slick roadster.

This 46 is stock looking and is at the top of my list for reachers.

I also like the all Black 40 rags with whitewalls.

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