Birthday Boy

It was early morning and I knew my mother was ready for the big moment and my father was pacing the floor of Proctor Hospital in Peoria, IL waiting for the Doctor to give him the news. I was sleeping soundly when suddenly I saw daylight and became to cry. Yes, the little hot rodder had arrived and was healthy and ready to make the drive home in dad’s Deuce sedan. The big event was 73 years ago and it seems so many more years have passed than a mere 73. I guess that moment is why I continue to love the Deuce as dad kept that old sedan around for many years until it finally quit when I was 7 years old. He sold the car for $18.00 and thought he hit a home run. Our family was never big on birthday celebrations after I was 16 or so but when I turn 80 I will have a big celebration and remember that cold day in 1941 when the world opened up for a passionate child seeking a career with General Motors and a Deuce sedan. I was fortunate to have both dreams come true over the past years and look forward to achieving many more of my “Bucket List” items before they take my driver’s license away.

I couldn’t celebrate my birthday in a better place than the GNRS this weekend along with my good friends Gary and George who arrive tomorrow. We will be sure to take lots of photos and seek out new entries into the wonderful world of Hot Rods. If you recognize me stop and say hello. I will be wearing a Pewsplace hat and shirt.

Remember life is about the journey not the final destination.

Stay Tooned!


Gary at Cornhuskers is a prolific Deuce builder who always turns out my style of Hot Rod. The original Henry roadster is fully equipped with a 327. 5- speed, Winters QC and Lincoln brakes. The black out theme is really popular and is fast replacing the chrome look of years gone by.

The QC peeking out from under the tankless chassis really sets the tone of this outstanding hiboy roadster.

The long lake pipes look sinister hanging below the chassis and really bark when uncapped. I do like the top profile and suspect it’s made using stock irons modified to achieve the look.

Well executed Gary.

We will be able to see this beauty at the GNRS. I have been following the build on the HAMB and Custom Auto is doing a good job of assembling this 34 coupe.

An older build but still a nice roadster is this green peach that was out here for the PRC event a few years ago. Maybe he will return.

If you prefer coupes over roadsters then this little 37 should start your adrenaline running. Ryan, you probably like this one.

One of the nicest roadsters to come out of Roy’s is Michael’s red beauty. Red and Black roadsters are hard to beat for eye candy but black is tough for photographers.

I wish Terry and the owner the best of luck with their “Blu Baby”.

All the fenders and basic black is hard to beat on a Deuce roadster or any car.

A Special Thanks!

I owe my wonderful wife a big thank you for such a wonderful birthday gift and always being there over the years.

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