Bare Metal Thursday

I love bare metal cars that Steve Coonan features in Rodders Journal. My obsession with perfect metal work can really be appreciated when viewing a bare metal car. I don’t have a lot of them in my library, so I use pictures people send me or ones from the Internet. The Jalopy Journal had an almost bare metal Tudor that I fell in love with yesterday and I will show you that today. If you like tech articles, please do yourself a favor and join the Jalopy Journal. If anyone has any bare metal or primer and bare metal cars, please send them to me and I will feature the car. I know they eventually get painted, but they look good in the “body in White” department. This is a manufacturing term used when the body is ready for paint.

Forty Ford coupes are real popular and much more available than Deuces, but have appreciated greatly in the past 3 years. Lou has found himself one that looks very nice. Lou has been looking for a long time and finally found his dream. I mention this, to encourage all of you not to give up your search for your dream car. They can be purchased for a reasonable amount if you continue to search and advertise.

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Stay Tooned!



Jalopy Journal Deuce, Eastwood look, 5 spokes, chopped work in progress


Nice stance, 37 tailights, needs skinny rear tires and steel wheels


Lou’s find…. a primo green 40 coupe, stock and ready to be finished, Lou has quite a collection


Tim’s barn find a few years ago nice 40 coupe body


Tim built this one for his son and they are almost done, Barcelona blue, SBC, Axle….Yes!

Sneak Peek


Bob’s 40 coupe, he has many to choose from…Mr. Forty!

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