Bare Metal Thursday

I still have lots of cars to share with you. Bare metal cars always get my blood flowing. Several manufacturers had some nice examples in their booths. I know they are all repo, but what an excellent way to start a project. Real Henry cars are over priced, require several thousand dollars and much time to get nice, unless you are into “Rats”. I think the real deal is for the restorer, lets cut up the repo’s. This will generate some opinions I am sure.

Here are the bare metal cars I liked.

Stay Tooned!



This is the front shot of the new Walden 3 window coupe. It has that Rolling Bones Look.


Long time friend Chuckie Lombardo’s new Deuce roadster. He does some great work. The Rodder’s Journal should feature this one. This will be a feature on tomorrow’s post.


Not to be outdone, Chuck Senior is building a 3 window with a chopped top, IFS suspension and all the toys. Nice work also. They are still turning out some nice rides in Huntington Beach, California.


HHR has been building this RHD hiboy for a while. Workmanship is second to none. Great forward thinking and execution by a very talented team at Hollywod Hot Rods.


Famous Jimmy Shine’s pickup. This little jewel is full of tricks.


Speed 33’s hiboy. You will see lots of these in the coming years….if the economy improves.


For you fendered freaks here is a version that should please you. I like these.

Dreaming for sure!


Denny’s Moal built new Deuce. British Racing green and beautiful. These cars are very expensive, $250K plus, but are very well executed and ride like a dream.

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