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Our group, the Back Road Boys, are ready to hit the highways for some fun in our old Hot Rods. Yes, the West will be warming up and the rain brought some green to the hills we travel. We have been used to dark, dry and dusty topography for the last several years, so we decided to start early this year. I have the wonderful task of organizing the trips and selecting the venue. We do, however, have several standard places we visit each year. I need to find some new places this year but we are starting off in beautiful Ojai, CA which is a ritzy little town in the mountains. Most of us like to take our time and not be rushed or involved in bumper to bumper traffic. Choosing the back roads gives us that luxury in the overpopulated city of LA.

We have all types of Hot Rods with roadsters leading the pack. Problematic are the roadsters which have limited leg room and therefore, require frequent stops along the way. I have those stops planned and include restrooms and photo taking opportunities. The trips normally take a whole day and include some fun unexpected times in our travels. Caravanning through these small towns attracts a lot of attention and questions when we stop for lunch. Locals love to chat and point out places of interest that we should see. We have a trip every couple of months are sometimes just a quick Sunday breakfast at Mrs. Murphy’s on the coast. Like old girlfriends, it is nice to see each other on a regular basis and keep up with what is going on in their life. Hot Rodder’s are a close family and stick together.

Starting off the year in February will increase our trips this year and we will be looking for “The Roads Less Traveled!”


Stay Tooned!



Loving the Dream!


Matt is California Dreaming!


“Driving is what Hot Rod life is all about!”


click on photo for a larger image


My friend George likes to travel in his Hot Rods. Note the altitude of this photo.


Another great photo of the tour showing the Deuce traveling with the top down.


The Back Road Boys & Ladies like to pose for the group photo prior to heading out.


Stopping along the way for the required “Old Age” pit stop provides some time to stretch out those legs for the roadster drivers.


Driving out on the Santa Barbara Pier is the highlight of the day.


We always enjoy Ice Cream on the Pier.


The Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara makes a wonderful luncheon spot.


Parking can be a problem but we’re Hot Rodder’s and know how to improvise.


The Summerland Beach Cafe is another great luncheon spot and we are members of the Club.


Meeting up with the Central Coast Roadsters in Santa Barbara for lunch at the Summerland makes for a great day. I need to set this one up.


Here is what we do best after lunch. Unfortunately, Steve (sunglasses) is no longer with us and will be missed.


Sitting right on the water with great food, service and atmosphere make it a top choice. Bring your money!


Adult beverages are served prior to lunch for those who need an appetizer.


Ojai is a beautiful classy city in the mountains. Snow on the mountains this time of year.


Downtown is very quaint with lots of high stores and a Mission Tower.


Of course, we found our favorite spot after lunch at the Cafe Emporium.

Ojai cruise 2 - 9- 2016 019

The group tries to stay together and not get lost but I tend to drive too fast for them.

Ojai cruise 2 - 9- 2016 006

The hills are green this time of year which makes for some beautiful scenery along the way.


We are a fun loving group who enjoy the camaraderie and adventure during our trips.

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