Are You Changing Horses?

There has been enough editorials about “Changing Times” so I won’t dwell on that subject concerning event coverages in magazines and Goodguys All-American Sunday. I would like to talk today about how the landscape changes have effected your taste. For example, are you thinking of selling your Deuce and buying a Chevrolet Nomad (your choice car) due to the changes? Do early and late model muscle cars all of a sudden seem more attractive than a cramped Deuce hiboy? If you are over 60 you probably have given this subject a thought and perhaps been reading the classified ads searching for something that you wish you could have owned or did own in your youth. The comfort zone of late model rides has a big influence on car enthusiasts who want a modified vehicle but also one that retains some of the characteristics of a newer vehicle. I have always loved the 55 Nomad and have owned a couple but would never give up on the iconic Deuce hiboy. Perhaps your stubbornness is beginning to soften as you walk around the fairgrounds or show event and realize that your little Deuce coupe is a real minority at today’s events.

Companies such as the Roadster Shop, Detroit Speed, TCI, Morrison and several others have developed chassis and suspensions that provide a more modern dimension than the old solid axle or early independent front and rear suspensions did. You can have the look of the muscle car with the ride and handling of a new car. Sure you can add a Heidts to your old Ford, but the overall design makes it difficult to achieve the same ride and handling characteristics. If you have multiple cars, chances are you will always have a Deuce of some kind as they often have a special meaning for most of us. If you are limited to one horse in your stable, then you really have to decide what your needs are, and therefore; what to buy. You are no longer bound by the pre-48 rule or any rule.

As for me, I am stuck in the past and will continue to pursue the Deuces and Forties for my remaining years. I will always stop and look at some of the late model Chevrolets, Fords, and early muscle cars as they remind me of the good times I had in my youth racing and driving them.

What are your memories of some of the later cars you owned or wanted to own?

Stay Tooned!


I purchased this Squeeg Kustom built 55 Nomad from Boyd in the early 80′ s as my family demanded a bigger car than a Deuce hiboy roadster.

Boyd had put a new interior in the car and it was real comfortable. My father loved the car as we cruised PCH.

The 56 Nomad makes a wonderful late model ride. Mine was Sierra Gold and Adobe Tan as I recall.

Deuce lover Don moved up to a nice pair of GM’s finest. He did keep his Deuce roadster in his stable at the same time and they all got along.

Tim’s stable is full of 40 Fords but he has remained loyal to this original 57 FI for many years. Can we relive our youth? Yes!

Yes, the solid axle Corvette remains high on most collector’s list. 1966 and above are also popular and expensive but the solid axle (1962) is my favorite.

Here are two of my closest friends from HS and College. Dave (middle) is from Decatur and Chip (right) is from Indiana. We all still share the passion for our cars. Dave and Chip each have a fleet to maintain. I have a dream to maintain.

Chip had a 62 Chevy in College and we drove it hard.

I have always loved the long roofs and this Chevy was perfect. Looked like a professional restoration with a healthy SBC.

The famous Pontiac GTO is certainly another collector car that makes a wonderful driver. “Age Appropriate”

The 57 Handyman in basic black is a local car and always attracts a crowd when driven.

Not a late model on the outside but this beauty provides not only creature comforts but class that only a chopped Mercury can bring to the party.

Our crew drives a variety of hot rods that suit our needs and fit in at all events. Nothing newer than 1947 in this photo but later models are home in the garage for the next show.

The LA Roadster Club always makes my Day!

The LA Roadsters always establish a bright spot at any show I attend. The nice old roadsters provide each of us with dreams and memories of the past. They keep the flame going for the 50th this year.

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