April Update

Sorry for the late update, bu I have been ill for the past month and finally have time to post some photos. MY life recently has been consumed with doctors and illness. Age is finally getting to me. I/m not done yet but have lots of issues to deal with. Take it from me, your health is the most important aspect of life that you need to take care of.

The good new is that LA is opening up fully June 15th so we should see some events  for our cars coming soon after. The past year has taken its toll on our hobby but we survived and now with the vaccine we should be able to enjoy our hobby. Blue is still down but that is due to my poor health. Hopefully I can have her back on the road this year. The first Woodie Show is this weekend and should be a great event as always. Our crew is planning on attending but I won’t make it. I look forward to Wavecrest and the Out rider’s Picnic in the Fall.

Lets look at some Deuce sedans today. They are popular again.

Thanks to all of you who sent photos and posted on FB. I enjoy all the photos of the events and places you visited during the Pandemic.

Stay Tooned!



Hot Rods

Something a little different is nice to see.
Sedans are hot right now and they start with a good body.
The uncapped version is nice styling and provided lots of room for the family.
AS found often make a nice simple Hot Rod.
I like hobos sedans in any condition.
Aerial view of a nice hiboy sedan in orange.
Finished to the max and sitting pretty is this black beauty.
A pair of Deuces enjoying the day at the car show. Stock and filled roofs.
Black and beautiful sedan with 5-spokes.
Some famous folks made the sedan a popular choice for Hot Rodder’s.
This is my kind od sedan. A great attention geter at the shows.
Dale has his sedan delivery out for a spin and is building another Tudor for the summer.
Dale Grau’s Current Build— pure Hot Rod!
Love this look and the chop is sinister.
Nice 34 roadster build on the HAMB.
Bob has owned more deliveries than me.All nice ones
WE love the Pier in Santa Barbara as you can drive right on it and park your Hot Rod.
A CMG 40 pickup is a nice ride for many.
Some of these made across the pond and are stfimding ill going.
Some are stored away waiting their turn. Finding one is difficult.
I thinkI could take a Speed 33 if they weren’t so expensive.
One of my favorite convertibles is the 46-8 Fords

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