A New Beginning

My GM career started to take off in the 70’s when I was transferred to Albany, GA. I was on my on my third Deuce coupe which GM agreed to move from Detroit to GA. I also was blessed with a son at this same time and needed a bigger Hot Rod with a back seat for the car seat. As I recall, I placed an ad in Street Scene and sold the body to a young graphic designer in Atlanta which was about 3 hours north. I had kept the chassis thinking I would find a nice tudor sedan that would accommodate the family plan. Searching turned up a very cherry 34 Ford tudor sedan that I couldn’t resist. I turned around and sold the chassis to a fellow with a Deuce phaeton body. I moved on with my life and career losing track of the old Winter Leaf Brown coupe. That old coupe never left my mind and like most of us, kind of wish I would have kept it, but moving as much as I did — it just wasn’t possible. I did purchase another Deuce 5 window the same color and moved it to Chicago where I now had two children who loved to ride in the rumble seat. Somehow the new coupe just wasn’t want I remembered with the three window.

Fast forward to last week when Gary ( the graphic designer) called from Atlanta and asked me if I could send him a bill of sale for the three window he purchased in 1974. He also sent me some photos of the car that he has owned for the last 42 years. I was absolutely shocked that he still owned the car. Better yet, he had it running and almost completed except the interior. Now my mind really went to work searching for the old photos of the car and the memories that went with it. Yes, the old coupe came alive again and soon would be on the road doing duty that it did so long ago. Thank you Gary for the photos and bringing the “Little Deuce Coupe” back to life after sitting so many years in the same basement in Atlanta.

You made my day!

Stay Tooned!


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My first Deuce was this Detroit News special with no floors (circa 1965). Harry Luzader here I come. Logghe chassis with coil overs front and rear in 1970.


The Dude in his first house and first three – window.


I soon had a full flathead with a NOS 59L block with the Merc crank. Andy’s supplied the dropped Bell axle and Jim Babb shipped me a brass radiator which Jane never new how much it cost.


Old photo of my move to GA with my new son and three window.


Forty-two years later the coupe surfaced and looks like I would like it to.


I know Gary had thoughts over the years about finishing the coupe and finally made the effort.


The engine is perfect for the car including the color and valve covers. It looks like he used stock 32 mounts.


A new beginning for the “Little Deuce Coupe!”


My next coupe with the rumble seat for the kids was purchased in Atlanta.


This was my very first three window in 1970.


Leaving Mn and arriving in LA for my new position as General Manager of our Dealership in LA. My son Chris is remembering his first ride in that old brown coupe.


The California influence sent the new coupe to Steve Davis for a 2″ haircut.


Boyd smoothed it out and the car headed out east where this photo was taken.


The car is now back in LA not far from my house and still looks great.

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