A Great Start for 2016

I have wanted to reorganize my garage for a long time and this year I made the effort (with my wife) to clean, discard some and organize all of my items in the garage. We spent three days and I can now say it looks much better than last year. I am sort of a hoarder of parts that I take off rear ends, chassis, engines and anything I drag home. I need to purchase a nut and bolt cabinet from Fastenal and I will be finished and ready to go to work. I think the secret to organization is to leave the last couple of hours of your work day for cleanup and putting tools back where they belong. I hope this new streak in me last as I love a clean, organized garage.

Several annual New Year’s Day events took place but I stayed home and watched football. Jane and I did take Pepe out for a nice drive and initiated him to the new year. The cool weather provided an opportunity to try out the Vintage Air/Heat unit which warmed up the huge cockpit in a matter of minutes. The unit is very old but still works well in cool weather or heat. We will be organizing a “Back Road Boys” event for February to the beautiful city of Ojai. There is a great old saloon called the Deer Lodge that serves great food in a rustic atmosphere. Should be fun, maybe a little cold but roadsters guys are tough.

The loss of Gary Meadors of Goodguys was sure a shocker to me and he will be missed. He was a pioneer and promoter of our hobby through his many events across the country. He also was a “Goodguy” and I worked with him on GMC Truck giveaways at his various events. He was always a class act and a good businessman. He built a solid company that will continue providing events we can all enjoy. My condolences to his family…

I still have some work to do on my site so stick with me as the changes made need some attention but should be undetectable to most.

Stay Tooned!




The five-window hiboy has always been one of my favorite Hot Rods. This one is super nice with the correct big and little wheels and tires adding to the profile.


Tim has his garage full of 1940 Ford coupes. He is a master of his craft when it comes to building 1940 Fords.


If you have been around since the early days then you will remember this photo of Jakes coupe in R&C. P&J now own the coupe and it still is one of my favorites with the 37 truck grille.



Rich was busy over the holidays changing the wheels to steelies on his Dearborn Deuce. Looks good Rich. Ready for our next trip.


Jim has this nice 29 roadster for sale due to some health issues. Buy it now and enjoy the summer months of cruising. For Sale Section…


I do like the green hiboys with black tops and wheels like this one. A true classic look to me.


If I fit in a 29 this is what it would look like. Plain, simple, black with a QC and lots of HP.



HR&CS built a super slick Deuce 4-door just because they are cool.


I liked the chopped top which adds to the long roof look of the profile.


One of Boyds early builds for Don Smith is still around and looking good. I drove this one a few times as Boyd built me a similar chassis with the kicked front rails from Just-A-Hobby!



My wife and I always view the floats of the Rose parade on the day after the parade. This woody and teardrop was my favorite. The “Theme” was depicting California life style. I’m in!!


The entry price of projects like this one seems inexpensive but when you figure $50K for the wood plus a waiting list of a year or so — makes a complete one a better deal.


Another 40 Ford going together with all new wood and billet wheels. $$$$



Mike went on the annual New Year’s Day garage tour put on by the Pismo Derelicts. Three Deuces made the trip in style.

In the Garage


Dave has been taking his Walsh built roadster apart for painting. No small task!


The chassis was built strong by Tom to handle the mega hp Hemi.


Cory builds some nice traditional chassis using some tricks of his own. 1940 rear radius rods with a 46 rear radius rod used for a torque arm. Very clean set-up that works well behind a SBC in Darryl’s hiboy.


Hurst sold thousands of these which have come back in style today with many traditional builders. Fuel pump issues have been solved as well as the side motor mount concern over too much load on the transmission case.

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