85 and Still Going Strong

The 85th Anniversary of the Iconic Deuce was a great success at the Petersen Museum this past weekend. I would estimate that around 150 Deuces showed up for the event that was held on the 3rd floor parking structure. It was a beautiful day for a car show and the Petersen did a wonderful job of representing the Deuces in fine style. All people involved did a great job of organizing and promoting this every five – year celebration of America’s favorite — Hot Rod. Jane and I arrived around 9:00 AM and met up with Walt as he had my Lamp that I received in Solvang. We quickly parked and headed to the 3rd floor to view the display of Deuces that showed up for the celebration. They had them lined up in rows of 25 for easy viewing and photo opportunities. We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones who love the Deuce. The merchandise booth was a busy place and items went quickly. I was familiar with many of the Deuces but saw several new ones also. I only saw one Phaeton and no Woodies which surprised me. Paul Gommi had his roadster and panel on display but not his famous Phaeton.

Pete Chapouris was the honoree and a special section was dedicated to cars he was involved with. Pete certainly has a place in the Hall of Fame for his contribution to the hobby. There was a special session for the attendees that included celebrities with some stories about Pete and his history in our hobby. Brad was the moderator and did a great job. The followers of the Deuce are aging and while some of the younger generation are hooked, you can see where the love of the Deuce is headed. I think the future is still bright for many of us who grew up with the Deuce being our dream Hot Rod, but the new generation is probably not going to know what a Deuce is all about as they drive into the show in their late model Hot Rod. The changing of the year cut off to 1987 by Goodguys for next year, shows the thinking of the businessman who understand demographics. I don’t have a problem with that and as long as I can see a few of everyone’s favorite Hot Rod, I am a happy man.


Happy Birthday to the Iconic Deuce!

How About You!

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Thanks Dale for your contribution and birthday present

The Deuce Day postcard.

If you love the 1932 Ford you would have loved Deuce Day at the Petersen. Thanks to Derek, Harpo and Bruce for making it happen.

Gommi had his panel and roadster on display right next to a multi-patch panel 5-window.

Bruce Meyer had his collection near the entrance and they are some of the most notable Deuces in history.

Ken had two of his creations on display and attracted a lot of attention with the quality and color.

Jane and I thought there were lots of very nice Deuces in Pete’s section

Limefire was a hit again after all these years. Wescott bodies have stood the test of time for many of us. Thirty plus years and no signs of cracking or deterioration.

Jane and I loved the details on this SO-CAL built beauty.

Note  the set back seating in this Deuce. Plenty of room for the legs.

Two pedals indicate lots of fun for the driver.

Another favorite of mine is this SO-CAL built Lombard Blue roadster for Kevin Washburn!

Gary had his coupe on display in Pete’a special area. Originally built by Boyd and recently redone by SO-CAL. They were close friends.

Walt drove his historic Potvin Cam Special over for the show. This is the real deal with lots of history and lots of lookers at this beautiful restoration!!

The original Auburn dash looks great and period perfect — Gabe’s interior in leather.

The Halibrand provides the noise required for a true Hot Rod.

I climbed up to the 4th floor to capture this shot. This could well have been taken in the early 50’s.

I’m not sure who owns this Deuce, but I remember seeing it previously . I think it is a Greening creation. The car still looks great but awful low to drive.

Bob Valenzuela was at the Deuce Day with his buy back Deuce. He is still in love with this sweetie.

Originally built by Dave Gale as a tribute to the Doane Spencer car and now owned by Mr. Snap -On, John!

Still one of my favorite Boyd cars is Bob Kolmos’s tub designed by Thom Taylor in the 80’s. Sharon drove her Fat Jack built sedan so we could all see two of the best in the 80’s!!

My last photo was of the book signing by Mike Chase of his masterpiece — “Deuce!”

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