It must have been the long weekend as we had standing room only at Toppers today. I was late so I crowded my way into the Streetscene boys area. Paul and Dean like sports so I can talk about the Lakers and not get thrashed for not talking about cars. We all agreed the Celtics will be a big challenge for the boys. I am betting on the Lakers in 7.

The weekend was wonderful. My wife Jane suggested we visit the Griffith Observatory on Sunday to get us out of the house. I had been to the Griffith several years ago on a photo shoot but never went inside. I was eager to return to the venue as it has been completely remodeled and is truly beautiful. Most of you gray beards remember the movie “Rebel Without A Cause” starring James Dean and Sal Mineo. Both actors died at a young age but I remember them both. I guess I was really into cars in 1956 when the movie was filmed. The famous Mercury and Ford race scene stuck in my mind for all these years. I and many other teen agers went out and purchased a red jacket with the collar turned up and a pair of Harley boots with horseshoe taps on the heels. They finally outlawed the boots with taps in my school. A ducktail was a mandatory hairdo with lots of grease. Styles change but the love of the automobile, hot rod, remains unchanged. We spent the entire day at the Observatory and we really enjoyed the visit.

I hope all of you enjoyed yourself and are ready for June and the Los Angeles Roadster Show. Each year I have friends come and stay with us for the show. This year I am not going to have house guest so I can spend as much time as I want at the events prior to the show. I never miss the SO-CAL open house on Friday or the Sheraton Fairplex earlier in the day. Roadsters, old friends, new acquaintances and plenty of roadsters will keep me busy.

Stay Tooned!


The Griffith is a beautiful venue located high above Los Angeles offering views of the city and beyond.

The Mercury wasn’t there but James was waiting for my wife and I. While many movies have been filmed at the Griffith, RWAC was the first to go inside and let the world know what was inside. Do you remember James watching the stars?

My wonderful wife comes up with great things to do. She is shown here up on the top floor. The weather was perfect.

Tim sent in some photos from Bob’s shop. I love Woodies and a 40 is near the top. This one is in for final paint.

Tim’s old 40 standard was looking good. I really like the maroon wheels and white walls. Bob turns out some fantastic 40 coupes, convertibles and I think maybe a sedan or two.

I know this low 34 will be there with lots of admirers. The car is channelled over the frame and sits great.

The excitement for me begins on Friday morning with the long gray line waiting for the swap meet to open. This one sez it all. If you have to ask you are missing the show’s purpose.

Roy and Sid will be there with a full stable of Deuces and Bop Tops. I am getting excited.

Friday night at SO-CAL will be the place to be and be seen. This is still one of my favorites Pete built.

Don, in our group, grew up with “MO” and now that the car is restored to perfection, Don would like to see it. I hope Jack brings it out.

Today’s 40 convertible….dreaming!

I don’t know where they come from but 40’s are readily available right now. I am checking on this one and still trying to buy another one from my friend. This is fun for the old man.

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