Thursday’s Turmoil

Winter has arrived in Simi Valley.  It was 45 this morning when I went for my walk and that is cold for me.  The day warmed up and I worked on Lucy and Andre all day long.  Jane helped me finish installing the 33 hood and after she told me to watch my language we finally managed to install the hood on the car without much trouble. The hoods are so large and the 4 pieces want to slide on the center hinge when you don’t want them to.  I found the trick is to secure the center strip to the radiator and then adjust the hood.  It still needs some final fitting but the body shop will have to do that as I do not have the patience it takes to move all those parts around several times until you are satisfied.

I also took Andre’s front suspension back out as the wishbones are too long by about 1/2 inch.  I knew they were too long but not by that much.  You can always cut some more off, but it is difficult to add on the bones.  I always keep the discarded parts in case I should have to add some material.  The removal of the rod end bushings went smoothly and I will reinstall them after modifying the bones tomorrow.

I also have the parts for Ruby to wrap the header and install the starter shield.  I certainly hope that solves the long puzzling hot start problem.  I am also going to install the Ron Francis relay to help reduce the load on the solenoid.  I have become a hot start expert during the last few weeks.  I am still learning at 71 years old and I hope I can remember what I learned the next time I am in trouble.

Stay Tooned!


After about one hour we had the hood re-installed on Lucy.  No small task for us.

Here is the hood latched up to the new side body latches.  33’s use a metal u shape clips rather the body holes as on 34’s.  The 34 hood is much easier to fit with the new and improved hood latches.  I do like the looks of the 33 better for some reason.  The think the curves louvers and grille all go with the DuVall windshield.

A 33 hood has the beautiful reveals around the radiator cap and down the front of the hood sides.  I don’t know anyone who makes the top pieces with the reveal. Rootlieb makes the side panels with a reveal and curved louvers.

I also trimmed the front aprons to improve the flow on the lines on the fenderless roadster.  I will fill holes and add a 1/8 inch rod to the radius.

I plan to wrap the starter and head pipe with the Thermal Shield material prior to starting the car.  Walt likes the black stuff and so do I.  Black and maroon go good together even if they melt.

I had to remove the bushing and shorten the bones 1/2 inch.  I was surprised they came right out with a small tap.  You IFS guys probably don’t recognize these ancient front end strut rods but I still like them for my rides.  These are P&J 3/4 cast ends that are bullet proof.

Here is another coupe from the Lawson collection.  I need to make a side trip to this Deuce Heaven.  Did you notice all the cars have some type of mag or wire wheel installed?

A sedan delivery with the correct bumper and shiny black paint ranks high on my list of Deuces I would like to own.

Someone asked about installing a 331 Cadillac in a 40 coupe.  Nothing to it.  Have a look at the beauty.  The motor mounts bolt to the stock crossmember.  Hurst used to make these motor mounts and I purchased them from Honest Charley in the 60’s.

Today’s Barn find…dreaming!

Here is a side mount Deuce roadster with a black plate waiting for the “Dago” axle to be installed and the windshield to be cut.  This is better than any 401K you could invest in and you can drive it and not worry about what the market did today.  Amen Brother!

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