70th GNRS Pomona, CA

My long time friends George and Gary arrived on Wednesday and we spent three days visiting old friends, shops and looking at the cars displayed at the 70th Annual Grand National Roadster Show. We are all in our seventies but somehow walked 12,000 steps to see all 9 buildings full of cars.

Building 4 is the main building for viewing the roadsters, meeting new friends and seeing old ones. We spent the majority of our time in this building due to the quality of this year’s roadsters and talking to people. Thanks to all who took the time to stop and comment on Pewsplace.com. That keeps me motivated to post another blog and take another photo.

This year Facebook was full of excellent photos posted by some real photographers and I will use some of them today. I took 500 photos myself but others had better shots without all the people in the photos. If you want an early view of the show be sure to join Facebook. It’s FREE!

The winner was picked my me and several others early on but, as you know, judges often have different taste that we do. Eric and his team at Pinkee’s built Geoge’s 36 to the highest standards in both design and engineering expertise. Flawless workmanship throughout the car was evident as well as execution of Eric Black’s design.

2019 AMBR 1936 Ford Roadster
Lines were long at 11:00 AM for a noon opening.
Snow in the mountains and 75 degrees in the Fairplex.

Entering bldg 4 we ran into the new Brookville Phaeton which was designed by Chip Foose.
Lots of details and impeccable workmanship were obvious.

The interior was done by Paul Atkins and was very stylish with wood floor insets.

Another crowd favorite was this 3/4 Deuce by Howerton and Moal.

The body has been channelled over the frame and components reduced in size.

Bud’s 29 was my inspiration to build a roadster.

One of my favorite 29’s is Mark Morton’s Rodzy!

AMBR 29’s were in the Model A building display.
Past AMRW were driven down to the show and parked outside for your viewing. Daryl’s beauty is driven.

Roy had his usual display of high quality cars in booth. The Phaeton was very nice.

Ken Stewart had his 39 Woodie on display and for sale. This is an old build from Ken.

I always loved the woodgrained dash.
My favorite of Roy’s cars was this red hobo with special knock off wheels.
The black one was very nice also.

Cory’s roadster was also a contender and has been driven across the country many times.
Walt’s Woodie was under construction in the HR&H booth. This will be a show stopper next year.
The front has been modified to lower the windshield for a lower crown.

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