69th GNRS Winner

As I walked through the show, I had a difficult time selecting a roadster that I thought should win. The plethora of Deuce roadsters all looking alike and a couple of 36 roadsters plus a restored oldie made the decision a tough one. I have always loved the Nickel roadster of Bob Morris and Bruce had it looking good. The chatter was of course, politics, from those who must have something to complain about. I would think the Nickel roadster would be a wonderful winner. A car with history, notable builders in the 80’s and maintained by one of us. Bruce is a true car guy and very approachable.

As I write tonight’s blog waiting for the Grammy’s and the AMBR winner, I think that the show was one of the best in recent years. I spent most of my time in building 4 and saw almost everyone I expected to see plus some new readers of this blog. Thanks for approaching me and taking time to introduce yourself. I really enjoyed talking to you. I only attended one day of the show (Friday) and my phone died so I didn’t get to meet many of you who phoned. As for the cars, each building had something for everyone’s taste including mine, and I’m fussy! The Suede Palace keeps improving in their entries as far as quality and numbers are concerned.  Vendors were plentiful with some new items for all of us to add to our wish list. The shop tours seem to be popular prior to the show as the shops opened their doors to the visiting folks from all over the world. Yes, all over the world!! High airline fares, gas prices in CA and motel expense can add up to some serious money for a car show but that didn’t stop the true roadster lovers.

Our group enjoyed the show, the dinner at the Pomona Mining Company and the long ride home dreaming of what car we thought should win. Judges determine the winners not spectators. Maybe they should have a vote for your favorite roadster, coupe, sedan or custom and present a trophy for the People’s Choice. As for attendance, I thought it looked crowed to me early on, but thinned out later in the day. I absolutely loved the 69th Grand National Auto Show and my hats off to John Buck for producing such an enjoyable show for me and my friends. I hope everyone supports the LARS in June and makes it a success. 

“The Flame Must Continue to Burn”

Stay Tooned!


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Photos come from various sources  and credit given where do.

2018 AMBR Winner 


Congrats to the Team at HR&H for their build. I don’t remember when a Model A won in the past.

The Model – A was the winner this year. I didn’t look at this car so I am not familiar with the details. I think it was built by HR&H. Scott Bonkoski and team.


I loved the color and build style of this Deuce.

If you like your roadsters to be traditional this one was looking good.

Adams Hot Rods builds some killer Deuces and this black beauty was a favorite of many who stopped for a peek.

I thought this stunning 36 for the might win.

Lots of details and fit and finish.

Elegant interior and details.

Hugh rear tire and Moon tank in trunk.

A McGee clone almost!

The “Nickel Roadster” has always been a favorite of mine.

A great clone of the famous Hirohota Mercury

The roadster was displayed well and beamed of the “Old Days.”

A favorite of many was this Dee roadster.

Although generic in the build style, the quality of all Deuce contenders was above average.,

Mariani and Sons also had their Troy built Model – A on display. Hard to describe this build with so many modifications.

A tribute to the Doane Spencer car was in the extensive Rolling Bones Display.

Dennis had two of his Rolling Bones cars on display. Both will be driven hard by Dennis.

The unique grille had  a lot of folks questioning what it was from.

Moal builds high end cars and this is one of his finest for customer Mariani and Sons.

The interior is unique with bucket race car seats.

I did not recognize the new owner’s name.


The Foley roadster was an excellent example of Dave Simard’s work and attention to detail. A past AMBR contender.

I thought this model -A roadster should have been in contention. It was in the Ron Mangus upholstery booth. Love the engine and overall detail along with originality of the build.

Ron did his best on the fantastic interior.

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