50 Years of NSRA

The celebration of NSRA’S 50 years in business took place in Louisville, KY this past weekend. Record attendance in both registered and gate provided the show of the year for those who attended. Jane and I attended the first one in Peoria, IL in 1970 and haven’t missed many of the first 40 years.

I was the Michigan State representative for the time I lived in Michigan and enjoyed working with the organization in its infancy. Doing Book reviews for Streetscene when Joe Mayall was an editor was a good job. Working with the founding fathers of Vernon Walker, Gilbert Bugg, Cotton Werksman, Bill Webb, and others to produce the one an only Detroit Nationals. NSRA has kept me interested in my love all these years with their great events.

Since I could not attend this year due to health reasons, I am very grateful to all those who contributed photos through FB and directly to me. A special thanks to Greg Stokes who provided most of the photos for today’s blog. He is not only a great photographer but an excellent Hot Rod builder in New Zealand.

Thanks to NSRA for continuing to promote automotive events for our enjoyment. I wish them many more years of success. See you for 51 in 2020!

Stay Tooned!


Road warriors Dale, Mike and Dave have met up several times.
Lil’ John drove his state of the art in 1976 to the SRN.
The Ohio Look is still strong in Louisville this year.
A chopped 40 convert looks awesome also.
A change for 50 years ago is the inclusion of post 48 models.
The Iconic Deuce still commands a great presence at the show.
Corvettes are also now accepted which suits me just fine.
JJ’s old SO-CAL Deuce still looks perfect under the hands of new owners.
A very nice 34 sedan delivery made it back to Louisville for the 50th.
Boyd’s T made Louisville and still looks great!
A 1935 Ford roadster is just sitting right!
Looks real interesting in bare metal.
Greg loves the Hot Rod look and thought this one was just right.
You don’t see many Phaetons today but I still like the 4-door beauty.
Speed 33 with fenders looked stunning in gray!
A stock looking 34 roadster is always a rare model at car shows.
A cute Washington Blue 5-W really looked good with Tacoma wheels and whites.
The really rare Willy’s was done to perfection in Black’
Tania likes 36’s and this one caught her eye at Louisville.
Trucks continue to be a hit with Rodder’s.
Woodies like this Hercules beauty are a fun ride for those who have woodie meets close at hand.
Butch’s Vicky still is King of the DEUCES. Perfection.

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