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Pepe has a couple hundred miles on the engine rebuild and so far so good. I need a few more miles to make sure the Active Learning has taken place for the EFI. I am now tackling the tachometer erratic behavior. Classic tells me it sounds like a loose wire but I can’t find any wires that are suspicious. Tomorrow, I will have Donnie crawl under the dash (which I can no longer do) and see if he can locate the problem. I don’t think the signal is coming from the ECM but I could be wrong. The coil wire is tight so maybe it’s the tach that is bad. They will check it out if I send it in but we have some great places here that will do it also.

Jane and I are headed to the Edelbrock Open house on Friday and take a tour of the facilities. I hope to see my old sedan delivery while on the tour. We registered for the (9:00 AM) tour so we should be some of the first ones this year. Saturday is the car show if you are local and want to attend. You will have to register if you plan on entered your car but spectators are free.

I did a random selection for today’s blog which means there should something for everyone who reads Pewsplace.

Stay Tooned!


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Bill, who lives in Nova Scotia, sent along this nice photo of his Woodie.

A very nice stock 40 delivery looks good on the grass.

Not as popular as the Deuce but more stylish in my mind is the model 40 sedan. Stance is perfect on this one.

I like the 5-window chopped and raked with wire wheels.

The Duvall looks good on the 36 roadsters also. The color makes this one special.

Hard to beat a 29 on Deuce rails with Halibrands.

If you follow builders then you know this has to be an Alloway creation. Black and Beautiful is his trademark.

Roy eliminated the side aprons and builds a full hood on this Speed 33.

I loved the stock 37 Woodie at Doheny this past weekend. The color was different and I don’t think stock.

I’m looking forward to seeing Andy at the LARS again this year. Flames and Forties go together.

Most considered the model 40 to be too large to race but you can see they were raced by a few who loved them.

Skimpy on interior space but big on looks is the 29 Phone booth pickup.


I still love my Corvettes and I even invited a Deuce to join in the fun.

I also have a weakness for the 55 Nomad done in black.

I have owned a couple of Deuce sedans and still would like one done in a hiboy style.

I have built two of these and still prefer them over a Deuce, but they don’t have Model 40 days in our area.

If you are thinking about how your 40 pickup should sit then take a look at Bryan’s at Reid’s Rides.

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