2020 — What’s your plan?

I’m always excited about starting a new year and a new project. Yes, each year I start a new pursuit in my garage. I create a plan for the project which can be a few goals and dates to accomplish them. Keeping the plan on my desk calendar which I review monthly to check my progress, helps me keep track of my work. Running behind in achieving the dates I had set for completion is normal, so I would simply extend the date by a few weeks. The plan has been my inspiration for my daily work for many years.

As I’m in the 5th set in life, I have to make sure I meet the dates set for meeting my goals. I am currently working on my plan for 2020 and should be completed by January.

If you’re wondering what my plan is, it is centered around another Deuce roadster. I started my interest in roadsters in the ’60s and have never lost interest in the iconic Deuce roadster. Having been the caretaker for Poppy for a couple of years proved to Jane and I that was the car that provided the most fun to drive. The Woodie was next so another roadster would be nice to build.

Brookville has made the build so much easier and saves lots of time as well as the availability of reproduction frames. On the other hand, buying a done roadster is less expensive, especially considering paint and upholster in our area. I have sold some nice steel roadsters for less than you could have one painted and upholstered. Time is important also, so instant gratification comes from a wise purchase for a fair price.

What’s your plan for 2020?

Stay Tooned!


Terry Cook created this fictitious cover to prove a point about Deuces.
Brookville has made it easy to start your project.
You can buy a kit from them also.
If you have $$$ you can have a turn key built by Roy Brizio.
Jerry Kuguel can also build your dream Brookville.
Building one in your garage provides the adrenaline required to keep the flame burning.
Roy builds some really nice chassis to make sure your project is safe.
A finished example of a Wescott body still looks good after all these years. Don’t pass on a Wescott body.
Who knows you might even win the GNRS with your project.
Doane built his dream in his garage.
Tom McMullen purchased his and made it his own.
Saving and old one may be worth the effort but be prepared for some big $$$.
The SO-CAL kit works for me and it used to be $40K.
The Wanlass windshield is popular as is the Bop Top.
The Plan Steadfast builds some killer Deuces also. I would be happy with just achieving this stage this year.





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