2017 Ends and 2018 Begins

I will have limited post this month due to the busy holiday schedule I have. In the past I have reviewed the year and the special events like the GNRS and the LARS but this year I am going to talk about 2018 and those two shows. As many of you know, the GNRS was a huge success last January and the GNRS was less than expected by many of us who attended. Both events are produced by John Buck and I hope that all of you who didn’t attend last years see it in your sights to attend this year. I’m sure changes are being made to both shows but the LARS is the one that needs our support. If the $50 bothers you then I ask that you put aside a few bucks each month so you will be able to attend. This long standing show must continue even if we need to have a fund raiser.

As for the lack of attendance on Sunday, I have suggested that we have a reliability event on the Fairgrounds to keep the gate coming and the roadsters being put to use in a driving event. The PRC should be contacted to see if they would be interested in organizing the event. There is plenty of space to hold an event. Hot Rod did it a few years back and it drew large crowds. If that doesn’t work, then hold some type of driving event to keep everyone interesting in staying on Sunday. If nothing is done, then Sunday should be canceled as we all know what Sunday has looked like for many years.

The GNRS is well attended and I know of several entries that are being finished up to make this a great show for all of us who enjoy the seeing who wins the AMBR trophy. We all want to see if the traditional style roadster is still the one that wins. I am voting for that style. Maybe a nice traditional 34 Phaeton should win this year. I should have some photos of the contestants but they tend to keep them a secret until show date.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Some of these hoarded 33 Phaetons need to be put on the street while we still are able to drive.

This nice 37 sedan delivery was available in Scottsdale for $79K which had one of my friends really interested.

I don’t know whose garage this is but the roadster is to die for! Old School and ready for some fun.


A quite different model 40 roadster!

I do believe this is one of the nicest 3 windows around.

AMBR is driven regularly on the streets.

I am a Woodie fan and love the 46-48 models for their beautiful lines.

Roy’s last Shop Party was well attended and is missed by all of us who attended.

Nothing like a mildly chopped Deuce sedan hiboy.

A nice photo of Pual’s Panel and a period 3-window overlooking the Pacific on Lynn’s run.

The baby hemi sure looks good in the 33 chassis.

Roy also installs the baby in his Deuce chassis with some class.

Lots of modifications to this sleek sedan.

A non-chopped 5-window with a perfect stance really has my vote for non-chopped coupes.

I know this is not a fun place for your roadster but unfortunately this condition exists in many parts of the country. Make the best of it and bring it to the LARS in June.

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