2012 Review Mirror Andre

The Andre project (1941 Ford Sedan Delivery) progressed nicely during the year.

The chassis is completed and ready for the body to be re-installed. All parts are powder coated gloss black.

The front end is set up for a SBC (327) and turbo 350 transmission. Note non-power master cylinder.

I just lowered the chassis down today in order to install the body tomorrow. I need the room for future projects in 2013.

I made a patch panel for the floor but need to blast floor prior to welding. I also made all the small patches (4) for the rusty parts.

I  started stripping the body and painted a section Medium Cabernet Red (maroon) to see how it looked. I like the color.

I fit the steering column to the new 525 box. I like the 39 banjo wheel but will stick with the 40 wheel due to the gap. The dash has been blasted and put in primer. I have the ash trays.

Here is another view of the chassis when i first received it back from the powder coater. I got excited.

The rear fenders were blasted and I did some hammer and dolly work prior to sending them out for a pro job.

I filled 40 small holes in the firewall and it looks good now.

I made this jig to hold the rear body up while I slid the dolly under the body. The seat is out of a 40 sedan.

Thanks to my friend Chip who provided me with the 65 327 Corvette engine for the rebuild. Bob-O is a great wrench.

The Deuce Helper

My number one helper was Bob-O who did a lot of the lifting for me. Thanks Bob. This is one of many in his fleet. It looks good in my driveway.

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  1. For a gorgeous shade of maroon/burgandy let me suggest 1972/3 AMC/ D/8 sparkling burgandy. I scoured all the paint chip catalogues 30 yrs. ago and couldn’t come up with a better shade. Just cause it’s AMC don’t let that interfere with your choice! Slightly lighter than Ford maroon the color really jumps out as the sun goes down! Trust me —Bill

  2. I am also a big fan of maroon color. For the ’41 pickup I couldn’t find a paint supplier that knew the original colors so we picked out one from a Toyota car in the book. Since I was going single stage I told him to hold the metallic. Turned out ok for me.

  3. I love Medium Cabernet on fat fendered cars. Great choice, especially if you run it with bright red wheels.

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