1940 Ford Sedans

I am on the roll about the large early sedans and what great Hot Rods they make. Yes, I know they are not a Hot Rod to most but I call any modified old Ford — a Hot Rod. I have owned three 1940 Ford Tudor sedans with flatheads, dropped axles, dual exhausts, big and littles and nothing else. A truly versatile vehicle and loads of fun without breaking the bank. Yes, I have never paid more than $18K for one of my sedans and they were all running and drivable. Granted that has been a few years ago, but my friend Bob-O purchased a beauty for $19K last year. His car was a fully street rodded build with all the amenities you need. Now it was a friend, but still what a deal.

I have a few for you to consider tonight and I hope you like them. You know I have a delivery but if I didn’t, I would buy a sedan and enjoy driving the Back Roads.


Stay Tooned!



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Your basic Cloud Mist Grey sedan is a perfect choice for a good driver for one or four. The spacious back seat area could easily hold 3 people also with plenty of leg room. These car are reasonably priced compared to the coupes and convertibles.

Probably one of the most popular sedan was Bob McCoy’s flamed sedan.

A fairly recent high-end build is this killer sedan with a mega horsepower engine and bags.

Bob-O’s sedan for $19K was a deal. ZZ4, M11, fresh paint and interior etc.

I believe this one is Ray Browns from OR but not sure. One of the best out there.

Gordon built his stocker into a very nice Hot Rod that takes him everywhere.

The top end of the sedans is one built by John Robinson the that has the FAT JACK look he learned from his father.

Done in green and sitting just right makes this one stand out.

This bad boy is being restored and should be tearing up the roads soon.


Lots of black ones out there but not many as cherry as this special build.

I tried to buy this one but did not succeed. This is a very original forty given the Hot Rod treatment and driven.

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