Friday’s Fords

I spent the day in the garage and continued to make floor patches. I have them all fabricated and now need to weld them in place. I am not an expert at welding small pieces as they tend to heat up too fast and create holes. I will go slow and set the heat down to the minimum. I simply need to patch the holes and make a solid floor. I picked up a small sand blaster to blast the areas to be welded in order to clean the rust. I will clean with 80 grit and weld away. So much for the floor repair. My next task is to prepare the floor for some paint or textured paint. I don’t like undercoating but my friend Tom painted his 40 floor with a textured material and it looks great. It really protects the floor from the road rash that comes from driving them down the hi-way. More decisions are required.

We still have some events left this year but I am basically done and can concentrate on working on Andre for the balance of the year. I know in many parts of the country winter is here and the projects are stashed away in cold garages or if lucky, a nice heated garage. I have been in California for 30 years and feel fortunate to have decent weather all year long. I know the East coast will be going through difficult times in the coming months and I wish them all the best and hope all of their hot rods are safe and not under water.

I understand that Rick Bales has had a major health scare and is recovering after surgery. I wish him and his family all the best during these difficult times. My prayers are with you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay Tooned!


This is how your normal delivery floor looks after years on the road and very little care. I hate this part of the restoration.

Tom used a special gun to shoot the floor coating. It sure hides any flaws and provides a nice contrast to the black chassis.

Bob-O has been buffing out his Lyon Blue sedan so I thought I would show him how nice forties look in blue. Mercury caps are different and were popular in my youth.

Mr. Bob has owned many nice cars in his life but this one was one of his best. He would use steel wheels today but he used to like Eric’s Real Wheels.

Sometimes the delivery owners need to stop in for some Chinese food on cruise night.

Sam Foose built one of the wildest deliveries ever built. This was the second one he built in this style. The car is not my style but it was very nicely done and won several awards.

I still love the 33 hiboy roadster. I always thought this one had the best top profile I have seen.

Imagine walking the parking lot at the LARS and finding this 40 rag for sale. I looked at this one for a long time.

More and more Deuce deliveries are being built. Roy finished this one with an Ardun engine.

Today’s Sedan Delivery

Glenn takes he dog down to the ocean to enjoy the view and some fresh air.

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