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As a reader of this site you know I have a great interest in Quick Changes. I used to only collect Halibrand, but have moved on and now like the Winters units much better. Now don’t get me wrong, the Halibrand is correct and will always be king, but the reality of the company is that they went down hill after Ted sold the business. Winters on the other hand is an old company who builds a much better unit with a strong dealer network and parts availability. My sedan project is getting a new Winters V8 with 40 axle tubes.

Bobo is putting a Culver City unit in his new project. Surprisingly, the unit is still in good shape. Originally under a nice Deuce 3 window with a stock spring, yes and stock Deuce spring, and no damage to the housing. Bobo is building a model A on Deuce rails so he had the Kennedy Boys install a model A rear x-member and spring. He now has the correct set up with no chance of the QC hitting the housing.

I am using his old housings on my unit with 9 inch Ford bearing ends for a later look. The first unit I put in my roadster used 56 Ford PU housing ends,axles and brakes. Times do change and as a Hot Rodder I like to try new stuff when possible. The look with be traditional but the performance will be modern and very reliable.

June is roadster month so send me some pictures of your roadster so I can feature them. I don’t care if they are projects or completed units.

Now it is time go out in the garage and get something done.

Stay Tooned!



Bobo has an original Culver City QC that he is installing in his A hiboy coupe. This is the torque tube version for the old time look.


The torque tube bolts to the 39 transmission u-joint for a solid connection. Note speedo gear. The unit has a 3:78 ring and pinion. Bob has installed new housings for use with the A spring. The old housings had been cut and shortened for a stock curved 32 spring.


Here are the old housings showing the early modification.


Shock mounts were just welded to the housing with a teenager’s weld. Looked terrible but would never fail.


I removed the stud with a grinder and now will finish smooth with a small hand grinder. I don’t want to cut into the metal. I will TIG weld any imperfections.


The last operation was to removed the housing ends from the housing. I use a chop saw and it works perfect. Make sure the housing is square in the saw. The housing will be trued up in a lathe later on.


Here are the two housings ready for the stripper to remove the grease and surface rust from 50 years on the road. Welding on the housing without cleaning is not recommended.


Here is the A x-member installed in the chassis. I have welded in shock mounts to have a strong mounting point.


The side view shows the mock up shocks and the actual mount. Tube will be sleeved to 1/2 inch and can be used for the 5/8 shock mount if necessary


I also install a wedge between the frame and the x-member to add rigidity. All parts are just tacked at this stage of fabrication.
Always tack the complete project before final welding. I even set the body on the frame to make sure everything fits. It is a lot easier to remove a tack than a complete TIG welded part.

Today’s Ride…Dreaming


My favorite 29 built in a home garage with SO-CAL’s help. Very nicely done with new parts and a traditional look.

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